Thank you, Shakopee!!!

We win!!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us, volunteered and donated to help move Shakopee forward! I am so very humbled by Shakopee’s response to our campaign I cannot express in words my gratitude to each and every one of you.

We began this campaign focusing on the future of Shakopee and a vision that creates connections within our diverse community while casting aside the notions of old vs. new, east vs. west, town vs. country, in favor of a vision promoting a positive future rather than dwelling on the past. This positive message lit a fire in Shakopee focusing on a new way of thinking that will move us forward.

The real work begins January 1. Shakopee will have a new feel in it’s government. It will be more collaborative, communicative and concerned with the residents of Shakopee. I need you all to stay active and informed about your government to keep moving forward. I will be using this email list to continue the conversation with you and get your opinions and ideas on our future. I welcome you to the process and am excited about our future!

The returns came slowly last night so I didn’t have a chance to thank all of the amazing people who worked so hard on our campaign. First and foremost, my wife and family. Katy is amazing, patient and kind, I love you and could not have done this without you, Jean and Ila! Second is Kevin (campaign manager), Jen and the Wetherille family. I have no idea how to thank you enough for all of the time, work and effort you put into our campaign. Thank you!

Thank you to Michael Morris for handling our lawn signs, Steve Snider for his tireless door knocking and Todd Hallet for organizing the Southbridge door knocking event! A huge thank you also to: Michelle Bahr Gunderson, Amy, Zellmer, Kory Zauhar, Jay Perry, Paul Youngs, Wayde Johnson, John Danio, Ron Gaskin, Nancy Frinkman, Debbie Barber, Karaline Hummel, Matt Beran, Sharon King, Rhonda Becker, Tom Schaff, Kim Connell (so sorry if I left anyone out!!) and everyone who talked with your neighbors, shared with your family and chatted with your friends about our campaign and a new vision for our town.

Thank you again and have a great day!


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