Brad Tabke for Mayor Manifesto

Accepting Shutterfly Donation

Accepting Shutterfly Donation

Note: This is my original manifesto from 2010 as to why I was running for Mayor and still holds true today.

Shakopee has a history of active civic leadership that meets community needs head on with a long-term vision for the future of our City. I am running for mayor to rekindle that tradition so our city will continue to meet the extraordinary potential of a growing community 37,000 people strong. Shakopee is unique in the current national climate; we are strong fiscally, continue to experience growth, have available space for continued business growth, strong schools, and a network of parks and resources for citizens that other communities envy. To maintain the standard of living we as citizens of Shakopee expect, we need a vision for the future.

As the husband of a high school teacher, father of 2 little girls, Chairman of Shakopee’s Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and Parks & Rec Advisory Boards, I envision leading a Shakopee that values the future of our children, promotes our business community and embraces our place as a leading community in the Twin Cities. If you share these values, I encourage you to support my campaign for Mayor.

Since moving to Shakopee in 2003, I have met and worked with amazing people like Supporter I, II and III who work tirelessly getting big things done for our town. If elected Mayor, I would work tirelessly to set the tone and the vision for our future.

The future needs of our children cannot be ignored by our city leadership. As a community, we need to plan for responsible use of community resources to encourage the development of our youngest citizens into responsible and successful adults. Communities that have a vision and plan for children reap the rewards by way of lower crime rates, a strong developing workforce, and future taxpaying base.

It is critically important for city leaders to be active in the pursuit of new businesses and the support of existing business. While organizations like the Chamber of Commerce can help promote business, it is civic leadership that lays the foundation that creates a climate favorable to business growth. I envision a partnership between the City Council and the Economic Development Advisory Committee that empowers the EDAC to have a more active role in business development and retention. The presence of a thriving business sector benefits us all; we see lower home property taxes, have to travel less to meet our needs, and have a wealth of jobs available in our City.

We need a new vision for Shakopee. A vision that recognizes that our growth in the last decade plus has turned us into a powerhouse community in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Shakopee should embrace this role, not run from it. We should lead the way in seeking additional infrastructure investment for Shakopee, not sit idly by while other city leaders work to bring those investments in their communities. This vision must create connections within our diverse community while casting aside the notions of old vs new, east vs west, town vs country, in favor of a vision that promotes a positive future rather than dwells on past experience. We need to push for creative solutions to meeting our core values in a fiscally responsible manner.

Because I believe we can accomplish these goals, I am running for mayor on November 8 for you Shakopee. I ask you to run with me. Run with me to build a community that values the future of our children. Run with me to develop and promote our business community. Run with me to embrace our place as a leading community in the Twin Cities.

Run with me, Shakopee and vote Brad Tabke for Mayor on November 8. Please visit to help, donate and learn more. Thank you!